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Mixing CBD

Flat Shipping rate
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Mixing CBD Products

Most of our clients use:

Sativa Oil during the day is perfect. Along with all that it treats it does give Energy and Focus.
Indica Oil at night is perfect also. Along with all that it treats it helps you Relax and Sleep better.

Why Mix?

Many clients with Certain Ailments call for Mixing, others prefer to control their Energy or Relaxation during the Daytime and finding your Perfect Mix will make this possible for anyone and everyone.


  • High Anxiety just Sativa maybe too much Focus so reducing the amount of Sativa and adding in a few drops of Indica to find your Personal Balance for Daytime use.
  • Parkinson’s or MS Indica is best but during the day it can make you a little too sleepy, so lowering a few of your Indica drop and adding a few Sativa can help you find Personal Balance for Daytime use.
  • This can work for anyone and doing the Personal Self Checks 30 minutes after taking your New Mixed Dose will help you find the perfect Mix for you.

How to mix:

If you normally take for example 4 drops Sativa in morning but would like to feel a bit more relaxed, start off by trying 3 drops Sativa and 1 drop Indica. Everyone is different so you will find Your Mix within a few doses.

Pets in most cases we suggest either a Mix ½ to ½ of each oil or just Indica. You can read more about our suggested Pet Doses on our Web Page under Pet Dosage Guide.

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